Saturday, January 20, 2018
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About Us

Slava Company


We have been working in the light automobiles, selling and maintenance, since 1984 and then in the 1996 and later we began to work contracts under other companies’ names with some international agencies like UNICEF, Habitat, UNESCO and KRO. In 2000 we started to import heavy automobiles into Kurdistan Region and now we are working in most European countries (Germany, Italy, France, Belgium , Denmark , Spain, UK, US, Dubai, Jordan, Turkey). 

We are working in most European countries .. Click the map 

Also, we have links with most giant companies, most prominently with Italian Mercedes Company. We have two main branches in Erbil: the first one is on the 120m Road, near Mosul Road with an area of 3800 m2, and the second is on Kirkuk-Erbil Road with an area of 2200 m2. We have also branches in Germany (Munich City ) with more than 10 000 0000 US dollar capital. 



You can contact us directly:

 +964-750-444 8224

 +49-179-828 4341

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